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Who are we

Warehouse Safety Pro offers solutions for a safe working environment for people, goods, vehicles, devices and buildings such as warehouses, distribution centers, productions, parking garages and other industrial environments.

Warehouse Safety Pro is the exclusive agent for Europe for Sentry Protection Products,  GenieGrips® and Footguardian®.

We would like to invite you to contact us to plan a meeting via phone, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp via sales@warehouse-safety-pro.com or +31-(0)43-3256080 / +31-(0)43-3255100


Sentry Protection Products

Sentry Protection Products are specially designed to protect buildings, machines, devices and people against collision damage. From warehouses to parking garages and from distribution centers to production facilities, there where vehicles, people and building structures meet.

The shockproof Sentry products offer complete protection against expensive damage and accidents and offer solutions to prevent collisions.

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GenieGrips® is a manufacturer of high-quality and durable steel-reinforced rubber products for forklift forks. In addition, with its "loading mirrors", GenieGrips® offers a unique, simple and efficient solution for forklift drivers to look in front of the load on the forks during un/loading and forward maneuvering.

All GenieGrips® solutions contribute to minimizing product damage and reducing accidents and injuries caused by forklifts.

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Footguardian® is a simple solution to improve safety during the use of a manual pallet jack.

With most manual pallet jacks, the large steering wheels are exposed with the potential danger of hurting the users feet. The wheels of the manual pallet jack can roll over the feet of the user and cause severe injuries.

By encasing the large steering wheels of the manual pallet jack, with the patented Footguardian, the risk of severe injuries to the users feet, will be seriously reduced.

Further the Footguardian® will divert debris from the steering wheels of the manual pallet jack, for smoother operation.

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