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Footguardian® is a simple solution to improve safety when using a manual pallet jack.

On most manual pallet jacks the large back wheels are exposed, presenting a real danger for the feet of the operators and bystanders. Their feet may be rolled over or crushed.

By encasing the large back wheels of the manual pallet jack, this patented safe guard reduces the exposure associated with foot rollover injuries.

Next to this the Footguardian® diverts debris from the pallet truck's path, giving it a smooth ride.

Why use the Footguardian® device?

  • A thick steel plate protects your feet
  • Guard has a self-adjusting mechanism
  • Conforms to the irregularities and pitches of truck ramps
  • Allows mostly a full range of motion for steering
  • Reusable and transferrable between most manual pallet jacks
  • Prevents unnecessary lost time and lost production
  • Offers uninterrupted travel over most surfaces, angles, declines and inclines
  • Helps divert debris from the pallet truck's path

Simple installation.

Installation of the Footguardian® is easy and requires no more than five minutes.

The pallet jack remains upright and resting on its wheels.

All wheels remain on the pallet jack during installation

The tools that are required are a 9/16"deep well socket wrench, a flat head screwdriver and a measuring tape.

Watch the installation video here

Manual pallet jacks can carry weights of up to 2.500 kg (and sometimes even more). Most have their large back wheels exposed, and if you don't watch your feet position or are unable to stop the heavy load, your feet become the target.

The Footguardian® can help to improve the general warehouse safety and specifically prevent foot injuries caused by manual pallet jacks.

However, we always advise you to wear protecive footwear when using a manual pallet jack.

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